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Monday Night Party
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It’s time once again for…

a small, yet informative glimpse into the world of Lo
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Like many people across the nation (and possibly also THE WORLD), I will be taking part in a time-honored tradition toni

ght. Are you ready? I mean REALLY ready?


Brandon Jacobs

Seriously though, if you want to know something about Lo. Lo knows football. And Lo loves football. But especially Monday Night Football. Let’s start with the intro. Hank Williams Jr., singing the same jam every single week. But he CUSTOMIZES IT TO FIT THE TEAMS. Why aren’t we doing this for all our songs? Mental note. Leave a couple lines out of every song from now on to be replaced night-of-show. Oh man, when that dude belts out “A MONDAY NIGHT PARTY,” I cannot help but dance. This alone would be enough to make me watch.

To be fair, if there’s any day of the week that deserves its own party, it IS Monday.

This is an actual photograph of Lo grilling. And yes, she DOES turn into a hot dog.

Right now I’ve got pulled pork on the BBQ, cold beers in the fridge and a jersey just begging to be put on. And at the end of the night I will most likely be the victor in Week 1 of Fantasy Football. That’s right, in case you were curious, Lo plays Fantasy football.

Drink responsibly.

And this year, for the first time ever, I have managed to convince Senor P.M. Nightly to join the league I’ve been managing for the past 5 or so years. Can he rise to the challenge? We

shall see! (Lo’s prediction: No way! Hahaha. SMACK TALK!)

A dozen of my favorite things about football!!!
when a Top 10 list just won’t do…

1. The Monday Night Football Theme
2. The Sunday Night Football Theme (Faith Hill, way to pull off that leather one-piece!)
3. Pizza specials
4. Miller Lite
5. Trick plays
6. Tight pants
7. High definition grass in the facemask
8. Fantasy Football smack talk
9. Dressing up in a costume…er…jersey
10. DIPS and CHIPS of all kinds (personally famous for my guacamole)
11. A limitless pool of novelty products and memorabilia.
12. This song:

In fact, I’m working on a Super Stereo football arena anthem right now! Anyway, if you want to talk to me

about football, now is the time. Actually, any time is the right time. The forum is open.

It is possible that I dressed up as Dick Butkus during the Halloween of 2006. That moustache may or may not be real.

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